GiRL perfume launching event

GiRL perfume launching event at 10 Corso Como outlet in Seoul on June 7th. All SNSD members except Yuri was there. Click image for full res (1500×1000).

SNSD Yoona Girl perfume launching event

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Tiffany GiRL perfume teaser

Tiffany’s teaser pic for the GiRL Perfume which will be launched on June 8th.

SNSD Tiffany Girl de Provence perfume

SNSD Girl de Provence HD

HD photo for the Girl de Provence perfume. Click image for full res (1575×1244).

SNSD Girl de Provence HD photo

Yoona Girl de Provence

Yoona’s promo pictures (updated) for the GiRL perfume which is going to be launched on June 8th by 10 Corso Como. The perfume was first shown in TaeTiSeo’s Twinkle MV.

SNSD Yoona Girl perfume

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Garden Girl de Provence

Another two SNSD teaser pics for the Girl perfume which is launching on June 8th.

SNSD Taeny Girl perfume SNSD Yuri Girl perfume

Credit: CorsoComoSeoul