Naver V Concert screencaps

Screen captures of various behind-the-scene pics (mostly from IGAB), selca, and real life photos of SNSD which were shown on the Naver V Concert, streamed live by the Korean web portal on January 5. Click image for full size (1920×1280).

SNSD Naver Concert IGAB BTS

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Jessica @ Naver V Concert

Jessica focused HD photos from SNSD’s interview at the Naver Virtual Concert in Gangnam, Seoul, on January 5th. Click image for full res (1500×1000).

Snsd Jessica Naver Virtual Concert

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Girls’ Generation Naver Line wallpaper

Wallpaper for Naver Line instant messaging app. Click pic for full res (1920×1280).

Snsd Naver Line application wallpaper

Credit: Taeyeonism