Best of SNSD Pics 2013

The most popular SNSD photos in 2013 by categories and for each member.

Girls’ Generation Got A Boy (album, also the most popular set overall)
SNSD I Got A Boy Best of 2013

Nobody cares about Yoona (airport, by yoonaya)
SNSD Yoona Airport Best of 2013

Kiss Me, Baby-G (endorsement)
SNSD Kiss Me Baby G Best of 2013

Tiffany @ Japan Arena Tour (event, by shining smile)
SNSD Tiffany Japan Arena Tour Best of 2013

Sooyoung & Seohyun High Cut (magazine)
Sooyoung Seohyun High Cut Magazine Best of 2013

Taeyeon Instagram April 2013 (selca)
SNSD Taeyeon selca Best of 2013

Jessica @ Mnet Wide (tv shows, by cosnian)
SNSD Jessica Mnet Wide Best of 2013

Precious Taeyeon Wallpapers (wallpapers, by sosimallow)
SNSD Taeyeon Precious wallpapers Best of 2013

World Tour 2013 Seoul (ggtour)
SNSD Seoul Tour Best of 2013

Girls & Peace Japan Tour Photobook (uncategorised)
SNSD Girls Peace Japan Photobook Best of 2013

Now, the most popular of each member (second best for Sooyoung & Seohyun, most popular set for both girls are the High Cut photos mentioned above):

Taeyeon I Got A Boy fansign event (by cotton candy)
SNSD Taeyeon IGAB fansign best of 2013

Jessica W Korea Magazine (via jessture)
SNSD Jessica W Korea Magazine best of 2013

Sunny @ LG Cinema 3D Festival (by freshrimp)
SNSD Sunny LG Cinema 3D Festival Best of 2013

Tiffany Ceci Magazine (via 801dayz)
SNSD Tiffany Ceci Magazine Best of 2013

Hyoyeon Amazing First Look
SNSD Hyoyeon First Look Magazine Best of 2013

Yuri @ Hope Concert (by kwonyuri125)
SNSD Yuri Hope Concert Best of 2013

Sooyoung DoubleM Airport Style (by doublem)
SNSD Sooyoung DoubleM Airport Best of 2013

Yoona KBS Drama Awards 2012 (by kurutong)
SNSD Yoona KBS Drama Awards Best of 2013

Seohyun InStyle & Escada (via dc seohyun)
SNSD Seohyun Instyle Magazine Best of 2013

It’s been another great year for Girls’ Generation and SONE in 2013. Special thanks to all fansites and photographers for the wonderful pictures, and thanks to everyone who continue to support Snsdpics. Happy New Year 2014 =)