Girls' Generation album archives, SNSD album concepts and teaser pics

Galaxy Supernova & Samantha Thavasa

Concept photo for SNSD’s latest Japanese single Galaxy Supernova, to be released September 18. The girls are also chosen as muse for Japanese fashion brand Samantha Thavasa, and the song will be used in a CM for Samantha Thavasa Jeans.

Click image for full resolution (~1400×1000). Updated with new pictures.

SNSD Galaxy Supernova Japanese album

SNSD Samantha Thavasa Jeans Japan

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Japanese Love & Girls concept photos

Concept photos for SNSD’s seventh Japanese single album Love & Girls, scheduled to be released on June 19. Click pictures for full resolution.

SNSD Love Girls Japanese single album

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Beep Beep MV screencaps & selcas

Screen captures from Girls’ Generation’s new Japanese Beep Beep music video, plus some selca photos by Taeyeon and Sica from behind the scene.

SNSD Beep Beep Japanese MV

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Girls’ Generation Got A Boy

SM Entertainment has abandoned the plan to unveil I Got A Boy concept photos one by one. So, here it is, the group photo and solo concept pictures of all SNSD members for Girls’ Generation’s 4th Korean album. Click image for full size (mostly HD).

Girls Generation I Got A Boy concept photo

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Flower Power solo pics

Solo photos of each SNSD member for the Flower Power Japanese single album.

SNSD Taeyeon Flower Power

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