Girls' Generation selca archives, SNSD selfies, IG and personal pics

Sunny roommates selca etc.

Sunny is back on Instagram after staying away for a few months. Selective photos from her updates since December 2014 to date, including selcas with her roommates in the SBS show, and also with guests on her radio etc.

SNSD Sunny Instagram radio guests 2015

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Hyoyeon goes skiing etc.

Hyoyeon’s Instagram updates – skiing trip (first pic is her coach), some selcas, beauty salon, new year, and a few things from November 2014 to date.

SNSD Hyoyeon Instagram skiing coach 2015

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Jessica Weibo Megapost

Selective collection of Jessica’s Weibo photos from March 2014 to date. 41 pics of selca, endorsements, events, Macau, Mission Hills, Morgan Freeman, Yao Ming, Prague, Hong Kong, California, reality show, Krystal, Japan tour, Tomomi Itano, food, SNSD days, New York and Park Min-young.

Jessica Chongqing flight Weibo selca

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SMTOWN @ COEX Artium pre-opening selcas

Hyoyeon, Yuri, Taeyeon, Sunny and Tiffany shared some Instagram-selcas from the pre-opening ceremony of an SMTOWN concept store at COEX Artium on December 20, 2014. The place will officially open in January 2015.

SNSD Hyoyeon Yuri SMTOWN COEX Artium

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Im Pangpang Selca

Yoona posted a selca and thank you message on SNSD’s official website after the Beijing fanmeet. PangPang (means chubby in Chinese) is a nickname from fans hoping that she will gain a bit more weight and looks healthier.

SNSD Yoona pangpang Chinese selca

Yoona is the only SNSD member without an Instagram or SNS page.

Credit: GG’s website (Korean)