January 2014 selca collection

January 2014 selca and photos from the members’ Weibo-Instagram-Twitter etc.

SNSD Jessica January 2014 selca

SNSD Jessica 2014 Weibo selca

SNSD Jessica 2014 foodie selca

SNSD Hyoyeon beautiful 2014 selca

SNSD Hyoyeon Thailand holiday selca

SNSD Hyoyeon Bangkok Tour selca

SNSD Hyoyeon puppy Instagram selca

SNSD Tiffany Prince January 2014

SNSD Seohyun Tiffany Bora selca

SNSD eohyun Bada Musical selca

Seohyun Moon Sun Musical selca

SNSD Seohyun musical crew selca

SNSD Seohyun Wicked Musical selca

SNSD Yuri beautiful 2014 selca

SNSD Yuri high school photo

SNSD Yuri January 2014 selca

SNSD Yuri snowboard Instagram selca

SNSD Sunny January 2014 selca

Sunny January 2014 Instagram selca

SNSD Sunny 2014 foodie selca

SNSD Sunny Prince 2014 selca

SNSD Sunny Yoona Bangkok selca

SNSD Taeyeon BabyG 2014 selca

SNSD Taeyeon ITNW 2014 selca

SNSD Taeyeon Winter Olympics selca

SNSD Taeyeon mother Instagram selca

SNSD Taeyeon January 2014 selca

Credits: syjessica, watasiwahyo, sjhsjh0628, yulyulk, svnnynight, taeyeon_ss

Also in January: YulTi in Europe and Hyoyeon in Thailand

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