Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. But like most other websites, we do collect some data in our log files which usually include your IP address, ISP, web browser, time spent on site and which pages you visited for analytical purposes.

We also use a few services from Google (and its affiliates), including Google Analytics and Google Adsense which may use technology such as cookies and web beacons which may collect additional data like your browsing history etc.

These info allow us and advertisers to provide better contents (e.g. what contents are popular etc.) and advertising that is relevant to visitors.

You can read more about cookies on Wikipedia, we also embedded an educational video (about usefulness and safety) from Google below.

We will not attempt to collect your name, email address (unless you contact us), physical address, telephone number, or any financial information. You do not need to register or provide extra personal data to use this website.

We constantly link to other websites (sources) operated by other parties. They’ll have their own privacy policies (in some cases none at all) and most likely be using cookies (or other tracking codes, or required registrations). We do not accept any responsibility for the privacy practises of these websites (outgoing links), kindly visit at your own risk.