Sooyoung Double-M store visit

Sooyoung’s Double-M store visit (and fansign event) in Jamsil, Seoul, on April 9.

SNSD Sooyoung DoubleM store visit

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Sooyoung Double-M fansign event (2013.04)

Double-M Facebook photos of SNSD’s Sooyoung from a fansign event for the handbag & fashion brand at Jamsil’s Lotte Department Store on April 6.

SNSD Sooyoung DoubleM fansign event

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Sooyoung Double*M airport style

Clever promotion photos by Double*M handbags which Sooyoung endorses, taken at Gimpo International Airport (SNSD trip to Japan) on April 3.

SNSD Sooyoung Double M airport style

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Sooyoung Double-M new look BTS

BTS pictures of Sooyoung’s Double-M photoshoot, from the brand’s official Facebook.

Snsd Sooyoung Double M BTS

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Sooyoung Double-M fan signing

Sooyoung at a fan signing event for Double-M fashion brand at a Lotte Department Store in Seoul on February 20th. Click pics for full resolution (1500×1000).

Sooyoung Double M fan signing event

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