SNSD Yoona Eider 2013 S/S

Updated – Yoona’s new promo pics for Eider’s 2013 S/S collection, shot in Australia’s Bluemountain National Park and Booderee National Park (and a nearby town).

Snsd Yoona Eider 2013

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Yoona @ Gimpo Airport 130204

Yoona at Gimpo Airport on February 4, travelling to Japan to prepare for the Girls’ Generation 2013 Arena Tour which kicks off this weekend. Courteous service for Eider, the outdoor clothing brand she endorses. Click pics for full res (1200×800).

SNSD Yoona Gimpo Airport Eider fashion

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Yoona Eider 2012 F/W

Yoona and actor Lee Minho’s Eider 2012 F/W collection endorsement pictures.

Snsd Yoona and Lee Minho Eider 2012

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Yoona Eider 2012 S/S new pics

Yoona’s new endorsement photos for Eider sportswear together with actor Lee Minho.

SNSD Yoona Eider sportswear

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Yoona Eider 2012 S/S pictures

Endorsement pics for Eider Sportswear 2012 S/S collection featuring SNSD’s Yoona.

SNSD Yoona Eider 2012

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