LG Cyon Cooky Wallpapers

[Throwback] SNSD wallpapers for LG Cyon Cooky mobile phone series in 2010. Click pictures for full resolution (1280×1024).

SNSD LG Cyon Cooky wallpapers

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Seohyun LG Uplus iPhone 6 fansign

Seohyun with TTS at the fansign event for the launching of iPhone 6 by mobile network operator LG U+ on October 31. Click pics for full res (1500×1000).

SNSD Seohyun LG Uplus iPhone6 fansign event

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TaeTiSeo LG U+ iPhone 6 launching event

Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun attended an iPhone 6 launching event by LG Uplus – one of the big three Korean mobile network operators – in Seocho, Seoul, on October 31. The SNSD trio showcased the new iPhone to the media and handed a product set (with their autographs) to the first customer.

TaeTiSeo LG Uplus iPhone 6 Korean launching event

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Girls’ Generation LG fansign event

Girls’ Generation members at a fansign event for LG in Seoul’s Gangnam District on November 12. Jessica was missing as she’s recovering from the airport mishap in Hong Kong (get well soon). Click pictures for full size (900×600).

Girls Generation LG Seoul fansign

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LG Cinema 3D Smart TV screencaps

Screen captures from SNSD’s latest commercial for LG Cinema 3D Smart TV.

SNSD LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

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