Girls' Generation Sunny archives, SNSD Sunny photos and images

Sunny Incheon Airport 150103-150105

Sunny at Incheon Airport on January 3rd & 5th, travelling to/from China for Girls’ Generation fan parties in Shanghai and Guangzhou.

SNSD Sunny 150103 Incheon airport fashion

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Sunny roommates selca etc.

Sunny is back on Instagram after staying away for a few months. Selective photos from her updates since December 2014 to date, including selcas with her roommates in the SBS show, and also with guests on her radio etc.

SNSD Sunny Instagram radio guests 2015

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Sunny Christmas FM Date

Sunny hosting her MBC radio show in a pink costume on Christmas Day. Cuteness ensued. Click pics for full res (1500×1000).

SNSD Sunny FM4U Christmas radio

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Sunny CeCi Magazine

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny in December 2014 issue of Korean CeCi Magazine with fashion brand Feltics.

SNSD Sunny CeCi Magazine Feltics

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TaeTiSeo @ Sunny FM Date public broadcast

Girls’ Generation-TTS on a public broadcast for Sunny’s FM Date radio show on November 14, 2014. Click pictures for full res (~1300×900).

SNSD TaeTiSeo Sunny FM Date public broadcast

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