Vogue Girl visited Tiffany’s Californian hometown for a photoshoot, which is featured in October 2014 issue of the Korean magazine.

SNSD Tiffany Californian Vogue Girl Magazine

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Taeyeon and her cute pigtails at the WAPOP Concert (with TTS) on October 7, 2014. WAPOP is a weekly Kpop show inside the Children’s Grand Park in Seoul. Click pictures for full resolution (1500×1000).

SNSD Taeyeon WAPOP Concert 141007

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Girls’ Generation members at Korea’s Incheon Airport, travelling to China on October 17 for the SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Shanghai.

SNSD Seohyun Incheon Airport fashion 141017

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Yoona in May 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, in collaboration with jewellery brand Cartier. The SNSD beauty also featured in July issue of the magazine which was taken in Dubai. Click pics for full res (~1300×1800).

SNSD Yoona Cosmopolitan Magazine Cartier Jewelry

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Seohyun is now on Instagram. Sunny and Sooyoung already followed the account, should be legit. Check it out @seojuhyun_s .

SNSD Seohyun seojuhyun_s Instagram
Tadaaaaaa!!! It’s me~seo hyun!:D It’s starting to get cold out, stay warm♡
날이 추워지고있으니 옷 따듯하게 입고다니기~^^

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