Taetiseo Holler Showcase

Girls’ Generation-TTS at a special showcase for Holler, the sub-unit’s new mini album, at Seoul’s Olympic Park on September 16, 2014.

SNSD Taetiseo Holler showcase event

SNSD Tiffany Holler showcase event

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Girls’ Generation-TTS Holler concept photos

Concept pictures for SNSD Taetiseo’s second mini album, Holler, released on September 16, 2014. Click images for full resolution (~2000×1333).

Girls Generation TTS Holler concept photos

SNSD Taetiseo Holler concept photos

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The Taetiseo press event

Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun at a press event on August 22 to promote The Taetiseo, a reality TV show starring the Girls’ Generation trio which started showing on OnStyle TV on August 26. Click pictures for full resolution (~1200×1920).

Girls Generation TTS Taetiseo TV show

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Girls’ Generation-TTS Mixxo Fashion

TaeTiSeo (mostly Seohyun) are the new endorsers for clothing brand Mixxo.

Girls Generation TTS Mixxo Fashion

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Girls’ Generation-TTS Letters of Angels

TaeTiSeo are featured in Elle Magazine for Letters of Angels 2013 – an annual campaign (different magazine each year) started by photographer Cho Seihon to raise awareness for child adoption. Tiffany also participated in the 2011 photoshoot.

Girls Generation TaeTiSeo Letters of Angels

Credit: CottonCandy (Korean) for the scan. Click picture for HD (3000×2000).