Girls' Generation Yuri archives, SNSD Yuri photos and images

Yuri NYLON Magazine

Yuri’s black-and-white portrait photoshoot in December 2014 issue of Korean NYLON Magazine. Click images for full size (~1300×1750).

SNSD Yuri Korean NYLON Magazine

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Hyoyeon & Yuri KOLON Sport Presentation

Hyoyeon and Yuri attended KOLON Sport 2015 S/S press presentation at the brand’s flagship store in Chengdam-dong, Seoul, on January 29th.

SNSD Hyoyeon Yuri KOLON Sport 2015 SS

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Yuri filming Animal show

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri went to Guangzhou, China, earlier this month to film her new variety show, Animal, which will start airing on MBC TV channel on January 25th. Click pics for full res (1500×1000).

Yuri filming Animal show in China

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Yuri celebrates birthday in Tokyo

Yuri celebrated her birthday (Dec 5) with SNSD members while practising for the Tokyo Dome concert. Happy belated birthday Yuri.

SNSD Yuri birthday 2014 in Tokyo

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Yuri Instagram Megapost

Selective collection of Yuri’s Instagram selca and personal pics from March 2014 to date. 48 photos of SM Halloween party, puppy Hani, America, friends, food, drinks, recreation, childhood, cousin, SNSD mates and MrMr etc.

SNSD Yuri Minho SM Halloween 2014

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