The Jung sisters in vol.70 of 1st Look Magazine. Photos taken in New York, the trip was also featured in their very own reality show in June.

Jessica Krystal Jung 1st Look Magazine

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Jessica’s Weibo photo update. The SNSD princess is/was in China filming a commercial for Li-Ning, a sporting goods brand she endorses.

Jessica Li Ning sporty pink

Credit: Jessica’s Weibo

Jessica at a fan-signing event for SOUP, a clothing brand she endorses in Korea.

SNSD Jessica Soup fansign event

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Jessica at Gimpo International Airport in Mr.Mr. style on March 1, travelling to Japan for the U-Express Concert. Click pictures for full resolution (1000×1500).

SNSD Jessica MrMr airport style

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Jessica’s February 2014 Weibo selca pics, including a couple of SNSD group photos.

SNSD Jessica February 2014 Weibo selca

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