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Jessica Li-Ning Guangzhou Fanmeet

Jessica at a fan meeting event in Guangzhou, China, organised by Chinese sportswear and apparel brand Li-Ning (which she endorses) on September 6, 2014. Click pictures for full res (~1200×1800).

SNSD Jessica Li Ning Guangzhou fanmeet

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Jessica & Krystal at Jimmy Choo Event

Jessica and Krystal at a Made-To-Order (MTO) launching event for fashion brand Jimmy Choo in September 2014. Click pics for full res (~1000×1500).

SNSD Jessica Fx Krystal Jimmy Choo event

SNSD Jessica Fx Krystal Jimmy Choo event

Credit: JimmyChoo (Chinese), via JessicaKrsytal

Jessica Incheon Airport to Hong Kong

Jessica at Incheon Airport, travelling to Hong Kong on September 4, 2014, to attend the opening of a Valentino flagship store. Predictably the dress she’s wearing was from Valentino, which costs over $3300. Looks nice though, her airport fashion usually rocks. Click pics for full size (800×1200).

SNSD Seohyun Incheon Airport fashion 140904

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Jessica’s BLANC & ECLARE

Jessica’s fashion brand BLANC has been re-branded as BLANC & ECLARE, according to its latest company statement. It’s also mentioned that the company’s global headquarters will be moved from Hong Kong to New York in upcoming year. Click image for full resolution (900×1350).

SNSD Jessica BLANC and ECLARE fashion brand

Jessica launched the brand in August 2014. It’s not officially stated but the rebranding is probably to distinguish itself (and also to avoid trademark issues) from other brands that also have the word “blanc” in their name. Best wishes to Jessica, hope she achieves her dream as a successful designer.

Credit: BlancGroup

Jessica Li Ning Ultra HD

Jessica’s ultra HD endorsement photos for Chinese sports equipment and clothing brand, Li Ning, which was founded by a former Chinese Olympic gymnast of the same name. Jessica was chosen as the brand’s model in July 2014. Click pictures for full resolution (~3600×5400).

SNSD Jessica Li Ning HD endorsement photo

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