Sooyoung’s endorsement photos for DoubleM 2014 Spring-Summer Collection.

SNSD Sooyoung DoubleM 2014 SS Collection

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TaeTiSeo (mostly Seohyun) are the new endorsers for clothing brand Mixxo.

Girls Generation TTS Mixxo Fashion

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Scanned promotion photos (pull out from a magazine) of SNSD for Casio Baby-G 20th anniversary advertising campaign. Click pics for full resolution (~900×1300).

SNSD Yoona BabyG 20th anniversary advert

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Jessica’s HD endorsement photos for fashion brand SOUP 2014 S/S ad campaign. Click pictures for full resolution (960×1440).

SNSD Jessica Soup 2014 SS fashion ad

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Tiffany’s endorsement photos for cosmetics brand IPKN 2014 S/S products (updated).

SNSD Tiffany IPKN Aurora 2014

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