Girls' Generation uncategorised archives, miscellaneous SNSD pictures

SNSD MrMr star cards

Photo cards for Girls’ Generation’s Mr.Mr. mini album, released February 2014. Check the original HD teaser images here, here and here.

Girls Generation Hyoyeon MrMr star card

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Jessica’s BLANC & ECLARE

Jessica’s fashion brand BLANC has been re-branded as BLANC & ECLARE, according to its latest company statement. It’s also mentioned that the company’s global headquarters will be moved from Hong Kong to New York in upcoming year. Click image for full resolution (900×1350).

SNSD Jessica BLANC and ECLARE fashion brand

Jessica launched the brand in August 2014. It’s not officially stated but the rebranding is probably to distinguish itself (and also to avoid trademark issues) from other brands that also have the word “blanc” in their name. Best wishes to Jessica, hope she achieves her dream as a successful designer.

Credit: BlancGroup

Taeyeon in Middle School

[Throwback] Middle school photo of a young and cute Taeyeon with friends. The SNSD “kid” leader graduated from the Jeonju Art High School in 2008, not sure which middle school she attended.

SNSD Taeyeon middle school pic

Tiffany Joins Instagram

Tiffany is the latest SNSD member to join the Instagram @xolovestephi.

Girls Generation Tiffany Instagram

Girls’ Generation in Las Vegas photobook

HD images from Girls’ Generation in Las Vegas photobook which was released on August 25, 2014. Click pics for full resolution (~1600×2080).

Girls Generation in Las Vegas photobook

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