Tiffany Joins Instagram

Tiffany is the latest SNSD member to join the Instagram @xolovestephi.

Girls Generation Tiffany Instagram

SNSD Jessica in Prague

Jessica’s Weibo photos a few days ago, taken in Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic. She went there for a photoshoot with CeCi Magazine.

Girls Generation Jessica in Prague

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10 Asia HD photos (2010)

[Throwback] HD pictures from an interview with Korean news portal 10 Asia in November 2010. Click images for full resolution (~1800×1200).

SNSD 10 Asia HD pics

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Jessica sporty pink

Jessica’s Weibo photo update. The SNSD princess is/was in China filming a commercial for Li-Ning, a sporting goods brand she endorses.

Jessica Li Ning sporty pink

Credit: Jessica’s Weibo

Seohyun & Hyoyeon workout

Seohyun’s Twitter pic in June, taking a break with Hyoyeon after working out at a school yard, which reminded her of the good old school days.

Girls Generation Seohyun Hyoyeon workout

Credit: Seohyun’s Twitter