New endorsement pics of Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, taken in Jeju for Innisfree skincare & cosmetics brand. Click pics for wallpaper resolution (1600×900).

SNSD Yoona Innisfree Jeju wallpaper

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Computer & smartphone wallpapers of SNSD’s Seohyun and Yoona for SK Telecom.

SNSD Seohyun SKT LTE wallpaper
[480x800] [640x960] [960x720] [1024x768] [1280x1024] [1600x900] [1920x1200]

SNSD Yoona SKT LTE wallpaper
[480x800] [640x960] [960x720] [1024x768] [1280x1024] [1600x900] [1920x1200]

Credit: SKT (Korean)

Happy 25th Birthday Taeyeon! Korean fan Cotton Candy aka Merong77 has compiled a great set of Taeyeon wallpapers from various SNSD events in the past year to celebrate the occasion. Click pictures for full resolution (1920×1080).

Happy Birthday Taeyeon 2013

Happy Birthday Taeyeon 2013

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Wallpaper for Naver Line instant messaging app. Click pic for full res (1920×1280).

Snsd Naver Line application wallpaper

Credit: Taeyeonism

Casio Baby-G wallpapers of each and every Girls’ Generation member.

Snsd Seohyun Casio Baby G wallpaper
[1920x1080] [1600x1200]

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