Girls’ Generation MBC Christmas Special

Official HD teaser photos from Girls’ Generation’s MBC Christmas Special which was recorded last weekend. Click pics for full resolution (1500×1000).

Girls Generation MBC Christmas special

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Vita500 Xmas 2011

More Christmas themed pics from Vita500, almost identical to previous set. Well…

SNSD Sunny Vita500 Xmas

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Yoona Innisfree Green Christmas 2011

New pics of Yoona for Innisfree’s Green Christmas charity campaign.

SNSD Yoona Innisfree Green Christmas

SNSD Yoona Innisfree Green Christmas

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J.estina Christmas photo

New Girls’ Generation pic from J.estina with a colorful Christmas theme. Different feel with the trench coated concept last month.

SNSD Jestina Christmas 2011

Credit: 탱구찌@sosiz