Sooyoung focused HD fanpics from SNSD’s Love & Peace Japanese showcase last week, i.e. at the Free Live Concert at Yokohama Arena (Dec 14) and the Hologram Live Show in Universal Studios Japan (Dec 15). Click photos for full res (~1300×827).

SNSD Sooyoung Love Peace Japan showcase

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Girls having fun in Universal Studios Japan, with Elmo, Hello Kitty, Christmas tree etc. SNS updates from Sunny, (Tiffany), Taeyeon, Seohyun, Yuri and Jessica.

SNSD Universal Studios Japan Christmas selca

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Some fanpics from Girls’ Generation’s Love & Peace showcase at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka on December 15. Click photos for full size (~1024×768).

SNSD Love Peace Universal Studios Japan showcase

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Scanned images of the photobook which comes with SNSD’s third and latest Japanese album, Love & Peace. Click pics for full size (~1000×1500).

Girls Generation Yoona Love Peace photobook

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Girls’ Generation at the backstage of Live Monster Japanese TV music show which was recorded on December 10 to promote their new Japanese album.

SNSD Live Monster Japanese music show

The girls will be holding two showcases on December 14-15 in Yokohama and Osaka. Some of them are back to Korea for personal schedule and will rejoin (except Yoona who’s busy with her new drama) the lucky few who stay in Japan.

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