SNSD MrMr star cards

Photo cards for Girls’ Generation’s Mr.Mr. mini album, released February 2014. Check the original HD teaser images here, here and here.

Girls Generation Hyoyeon MrMr star card

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SNSD MrMr Cheonggye Plaza fansign event

Girls’ Generation’s second fansign event for Mr.Mr. mini album, at Seoul’s Cheonggye Plaza on March 16. Click photos for full res (1500×1000).

SNSD Yuri MrMr Cheonggye Plaza fansign

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SNSD MrMr IFC Mall fansign event

Girls’ Generation held their first fansign event for Mr.Mr. on March 14 at the IFC Mall in Seoul. Click pictures for full resolution (850×1275).

SNSD Sunny MrMr IFC Mall fansign event

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Mister SBS MTV The Show

Girls’ Generation performed Mr.Mr. on SBS MTV The Show on March 11 in jeans, red suit and fedora. Click pictures for full resolution (1800×1200).

SNSD members MrMr SBS MTV The Show

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MrMr M!Countdown Comeback Stage

SNSD performed Mr.Mr. on Mnet’s M!Countdown music show (and won first place) on Thursday, their first stage for the 2014 comeback. Click pics for full res (~1600×2400).

SNSD Yoona MrMr Mcountdown comeback stage

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