SNSD MrMr Cheonggye Plaza fansign event

Girls’ Generation’s second fansign event for Mr.Mr. mini album, at Seoul’s Cheonggye Plaza on March 16. Click photos for full res (1500×1000).

SNSD Yuri MrMr Cheonggye Plaza fansign

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SNSD MrMr IFC Mall fansign event

Girls’ Generation held their first fansign event for Mr.Mr. on March 14 at the IFC Mall in Seoul. Click pictures for full resolution (850×1275).

SNSD Sunny MrMr IFC Mall fansign event

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Mister SBS MTV The Show

Girls’ Generation performed Mr.Mr. on SBS MTV The Show on March 11 in jeans, red suit and fedora. Click pictures for full resolution (1800×1200).

SNSD members MrMr SBS MTV The Show

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MrMr M!Countdown Comeback Stage

SNSD performed Mr.Mr. on Mnet’s M!Countdown music show (and won first place) on Thursday, their first stage for the 2014 comeback. Click pics for full res (~1600×2400).

SNSD Yoona MrMr Mcountdown comeback stage

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Mr Mr Black & White

Another photoset for Girls’ Generation’s Mr Mr mini-album, in black and white.

SNSD Taeyeon Mr Mr black white

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