Kiddy Yul

Yuri shared a picture on Instagram of herself performing on stage at young age.

Little dancer Kwon Yuri

Credit: Yulyulk

Jessica & Krystal childhood photo

f(x)’s Krystal, who recently opened an account on photo sharing website Instagram, has shared an adorable childhood picture taken with her sister Jessica at a beach (in California?)

SNSD Jessica fx Krystal childhood photo

Credit: JessicaKrystal (Krystal closed her IG account after a short while)

Seohyun childhood photo

Childhood picture of SNSD maknae which was recently shown on a morning TV show.

SNSD Seohyun pre-debut childhood photo

Credit: 따뜻한소녀들@Sosiz

Pre-debut SNSD Members

Old photo, just before the official debut of Girls’ Generation with couple of girls that were initially part of the plan.

SNSD members pre debut

There’s no official statements why those girls didn’t make it, but it’s said that they left by their own will, not axed. One of them, Soyeon (standing, second from right), later made her debut with another girl group T-ara.