SNSD Tiffany QUA fansign

Tiffany at a fansign event for clothing brand QUA in early November; they also held a store visit event later that month. Click pics for full size (1024×683).

SNSD Tiffany QUA fansign event

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SNSD Tiffany QUA store visit

Tiffany at a special store visit to one of QUA fashion outlets with her fluffy Prince on November 28. Click photos for full resolution (~1300×900).

SNSD Tiffany QUA fashion store visit

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SNSD Tiffany QUA winter fashion wallpapers

Tiffany’s computer & smartphone wallpapers, provided by Korean fashion brand QUA.

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Tiffany Hwang Cosmopolitan Magazine

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany in November issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, in collaboration with fashion brand QUA. HD scans, click image for full res (~1300×1720).

Tiffany Hwang Korean Cosmopolitan Magazine

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Vogue Girl in love with Tiffany

Tiffany is featured in September 2013 issue of Vogue Girl, her 4th appearance (at least) in the Korean edition of the magazine since April 2012; the editors obviously love her a lot. Clothing by QUA. Click pictures for full resolution (1100×1500).

SNSD Tiffany Vogue Girl Magazine 2013

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