Taeyeon Gimpo Airport 140624

Taeyeon at Gimpo International Airport on June 24, travelling to Japan for Girls’ Generation Japan 3rd Tour in Saitama. The SNSD leader looks sleek in a white shirt. Click pictures for full size (1200×800).

SNSD Taeyeon Gimpo airport fashion 140624

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Taeyeon @ Japan Tour 2014 in Nagoya

Taeyeon at Girls’ Generation Japan 3rd Tour in Nagoya on June 5-6, 2014. Bet no SONE had expected that this would be SNSD’s last tour as a complete NINE. Click pictures for full resolution (~1500×1000).

Taeyeon Girls Generation 3rd Japan Tour 2014

Taeyeon Girls Generation 3rd Japan Tour 2014

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Taeyeon @ KBS Jeju 7 Wonders Concert

[Throwback] Taeyeon’s fanpics from SNSD’s performance at KBS’s Jeju 7 Nature Wonders Concert in July 2011. Click images for full res (900×1350).

SNSD Taeyeon KBS Jeju Concert

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Taeyeon in Middle School

[Throwback] Middle school photo of a young and cute Taeyeon with friends. The SNSD “kid” leader graduated from the Jeonju Art High School in 2008, not sure which middle school she attended.

SNSD Taeyeon middle school pic

Taeyeon B-ing event in Thailand 2014

Taeyeon at a promotion event for B-ing collagen drink in Thailand on April 10, 2014. The brand is endorsed by the SNSD leader and not all the members.

SNSD Taeyeon Thailand B-ing promotion event 2014

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