Girls’ Generation H Special

SNSD members in H Special (a few months ago), a brochure published by TrueMove-H, a mobile network operator in Thailand which was endorsed (not sure if the campaign is still running) by the girls. Click image for full resolution (2400×3200).

Girls Generation Thailand TrueMove H Special Magazine

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TrueMove H endorsement photos

Endorsement pics (of each SNSD member) for Thai mobile network carrier TrueMove H.

SNSD Seohyun TrueMoveH Thailand endorsement

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Tiffany @ Thailand True Beyond event

Tiffany focused HD fanpics from SNSD’s True Beyond promotion event in Bangkok, Thailand, on May 21. Click photos for full resolution (~1200×800).

SNSD Tiffany Thailand True Beyond event

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Thailand True Beyond solo

Close-up invididual photos of SNSD members from the True Beyond event in Bangkok.

SNSD Seohyun Thailand TrueMove H

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Thailand True Beyond event

Girls’ Generation at a promotion event for True Beyond, the latest product by Thai mobile network operator TrueMove H, on May 21 at the Siam Paragon.

Girls Generation Thailand True Beyond

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