Complete HD scans of Girls’ Generation’s 3rd Japanese studio album, Love & Peace (limited edition) photobook. Click pictures for full res (~1500×1100).

SNSD Sooyoung Love Peace Japan album photobook

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Concept pictures from Girls’ Generation’s latest Japanese studio album, Love & Peace, to be released December 11. Click image for full res (~1400×1000).

SNSD Love Peace Japanese album HD

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Screen captures from Girls’ Generation’s latest Japanese music video My oh My. The song will be available digitally on November 15, the physical album – titled Love & Peace – will be released on December 11. Click pics for full size (1920×1080).

SNSD Japan My oh My music video

SNSD Tiffany My oh My music video

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Concept photo for SNSD’s latest Japanese single Galaxy Supernova, to be released September 18. The girls are also chosen as muse for Japanese fashion brand Samantha Thavasa, and the song will be used in a CM for Samantha Thavasa Jeans.

Click image for full resolution (~1400×1000). Updated with new pictures.

SNSD Galaxy Supernova Japanese album

SNSD Samantha Thavasa Jeans Japan

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Concept photos for SNSD’s seventh Japanese single album Love & Girls, scheduled to be released on June 19. Click pictures for full resolution.

SNSD Love Girls Japanese single album

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