Girls' Generation TV archives, SNSD drama series and variety shows

Yuri filming Animal show

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri went to Guangzhou, China, earlier this month to film her new variety show, Animal, which will start airing on MBC TV channel on January 25th. Click pics for full res (1500×1000).

Yuri filming Animal show in China

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Yoona Chinese drama styling teasers

Teaser pictures of Yoona who’s filming Chinese historical drama, God of War Zhao Yun, at the Hengdian World Studios in China. The drama, loosely based on famous general Zhao Yun, is set to air on HunanTV in August 2015.

SNSD Yoona Chinese drama styling teaser

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Sunny & SBS Roommates

Official Facebook photos of SNSD’s Sunny and her co-stars in the second season of SBS reality TV show, Roommate, which features 12 celebrities living under the same roof, learning and sharing their life experiences with each other. Click pics for full size (~2048×1365).

SNSD Sunny SBS Roommate reality TV show

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TaeTiSeo KBS Hello Counselor

TaeTiSeo appeared on KBS’s Hello Counselor TV show earlier this month. The SNSD trio has wrapped up the official promotions for Holler last week.

SNSD TaeTiSeo KBS Hello Counselor

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SNSD The Ultimate Group

Girls’ Generation on Jiangsu TV’s Korean-Chinese variety show The Ultimate Group, which was recorded in Seoul in June 2014 (aired in August).

SNSD members The Ultimate Group TV show

Girls Generation The Ultimate Group TV show

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