Yoona in March 2014 issue of CeCi Magazine. Click pics for full res (~1300×1800).

SNSD Yoona Ceci Magazine March 2014

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SNSD leader Kim Taeyeon in January 2014 issue of Ceci Magazine. The pictorial will also be published in Chinese and Thai edition. Updated with new pics from official site.

SNSD Taeyeon Ceci Magazine 2014

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Looks like Ceci Magazine is making it a tradition to feature Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany in her birthday month. Click images for full resolution (~900×1200).

SNSD Tiffany Ceci Magazine 2013

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SNSD’s Seohyun and Sooyoung in March 2013 issue of Ceci Magazine as models for Tommy Hilfiger Denim. Click pics for full resolution (~1200×1500).

Snsd Seohyun Sooyoung Tommy Hilfiger Ceci

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Long overdue post… Yuri on September issue of Ceci Magazine.

Snsd Yuri Ceci Magazine

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