Golden Disk Awards 2014 backstage

Taeyeon+Tiffany (co-emcees) and Yuri+Sooyoung (recipients, on behalf of SNSD) at the backstage of Golden Disk Awards 2014 which were presented on January 16.

SNSD Taeyeon Tiffany Golden Disk 2014 backstage

SNSD Yuri Sooyoung Golden Disk 2014 backstage

Credit: JTBC (Korean)

JTBC Super Joint Concert in Thailand

SNSD at JTBC Super Joint Concert in Thailand on March 30. Sunny was the co-emcee.

Girls Generation Super Joint Concert in Thailand

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SNSD Shinhwa Broadcast (2)

New official photos from JTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast TV show, featuring SNSD’s Sunny, Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona, Yuri and Hyoyeon.

Snsd members JTBC Shinhwa Broadcast

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SNSD Shinhwa Broadcast

Official teaser photos of Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, Sunny, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon and Sooyoung on JTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast TV show which will air later today.

Snsd JTBC Shinhwa Broadcast

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Yuri Dangerous Boys screenshots

Yuri’s screenshots from JTBC’s Dangerous Boys TV show (February 5th episode).

SNSD Yuri Dangerous Boys

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