Sunny & SBS Roommates

Official Facebook photos of Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and her co-stars in the second season of SBS reality TV show, Roommate, which features 12 celebrities living under the same roof, learning and sharing their life experiences with each other. Click pics for full size (~2048×1365).

SNSD Sunny SBS Roommate reality TV show

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Tiffany Cultwo Incheon Show

Tiffany (with TTS) at a special event for Cultwo radio show at the venue of Incheon Asian Games in September 2014. Click pics for full res (1500×1000).

SNSD Tiffany SBS Cultwo Incheon show

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TaeTiSeo SBS-MTV The Show

Girl’ Generation-TTS performed Holler on SBS-MTV The Show music program on September 23, 2014.

SNSD TaeTiSeo Holler SBS MTV The Show

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Mister SBS MTV The Show

Girls’ Generation performed Mr.Mr. on SBS MTV The Show on March 11 in jeans, red suit and fedora. Click pictures for full resolution (1800×1200).

SNSD members MrMr SBS MTV The Show

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Sooyoung @ SBS Music Festival 2013

Sooyoung focused HD fanpics from SNSD performance at SBS Music Festival in December 2013. Click pics for full resolution (~1200×2000). Happy Birthday!!!

SNSD Sooyoung SBS Music Festival 2013

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