The Boys Japanese album solo pics

Solo concept photos from Girls’ Generation – The Boys Japanese repackaged album, which includes all songs (plus a few remix) from SNSD’s’ Japan 1st album, Japanese version of The Boys, and also a new ballad titled the Time Machine.

SNSD Taeyeon Japanese The Boys

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The Boys HD fashion

New HD concept photos for The Boys album. Hits and misses. Click pics for full resolution (960×1440).

SNSD Yoona The Boys album fashion

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The Boys MV teaser screenshots

Screenshots from SNSD’s The Boys music video teaser #1. Girls bring the boys out!

SNSD Yoona The Boys MV teaser

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The Princess Boys

The Boys’ global release date has been confirmed on October 19th. A new image has been released too, with conventional dreamy princess concept which reminds us of the 1st Japan Album. Click pic for full size (1600×1146).

SNSD The Boys princess pic

The Boys teaser #2 screenshots

Screenshots from The Boys Image Teaser #2. Sunny’s short hair FTW!!!

SNSD Sunny The Boys image teaser

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