Yuri spotted with a new purplish-red hair color at SM building on February 9, probably a change for SNSD’s impending Korean comeback later this month.

SNSD Yuri red purplish hair color

Girls Generation Yuri 2014 hair color

Credit: Lisa_Sunflower @ Weibo

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri at a VIP premiere event for Korean movie Hotblooded Youth in Seoul on January 20. Lee Jong-suk, Yuri’s co-star in movie No Breathing, is the lead actor in this film. Click pictures for full resolution (1200×800).

SNSD Yuri Hotblooded Youth movie premiere

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Yuri and Tiffany in February 2014 issue of Korean Vogue Girl Magazine. The SNSD couple went to Italy for the photoshoot. Click images for HD scans (~1200×1600).

SNSD YulTi Vogue Girl Magazine

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Yuri focused HD fanpics from Girls’ Generation performance at MBC Music Festival 2013 on December 31. Click photos for full resolution (800×1200).

SNSD Yuri MBC Music Festival 2013

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Yuri and Tiffany are back to Korea on late Thursday after their photoshoot trip in Europe. They landed in Milan, visited Como, followed by Lake Lugano in Switzerland and then Florence in Italy. Selca and photos from the later two destinations.

SNSD Yuri Tiffany Lugano Switzerland selca

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