The rest of February 2014 selca collection

February 2014 selca collection of Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri from their SNS accounts, and also Tiffany and Yoona’s selca from UFOTOWN and Girls’ Generation’s official website.

SNSD Sunny February 2014 selca

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Jessica, Sunny, Hyoyeon Mr.Mr. HD concept image

HD concept photos of Jessica, Sunny and Hyoyeon in pink costumes for SNSD Mr.Mr. Korean album. Click pictures for full resolution (~1200×1800).

SNSD Jessica Mr Mr 2014 concept photo

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Sunny & Hyomin 2014 selca

Sunny, who missed the preview event of her buddy Hyomin’s new movie, visited her in person to send her wishes. The pose is a signature for the film; the T-ara member also send her wishes for Mr.Mr. in return. Click photo for full res (1024×1946).

SNSD Sunny Tara Hyomin selca

Credit: b89530 (Twitter)

Sunny Furla 2014 S/S presentation

Sunny at fashion brand Furla 2014 S/S collection presentation in Seoul on February 6.

SNSD Sunny Furla fashion event

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Sunny Gimpo Airport from Japan

Sunny at Gimpo International Airport, back from Japan after Girls’ Generation’s Love & Peace promotion activities in December 2013. The mask looks stylish, but the girl was really having a cold that time. Click pictures for full res (~800×1200).

SNSD Sunny Gimpo Airport fashion 131216

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