Seohyun’s Twitter pic in June, taking a break with Hyoyeon after working out at a school yard, which reminded her of the good old school days.

Girls Generation Seohyun Hyoyeon workout

Credit: Seohyun’s Twitter

Seohyun’s February 2014 Twitter selca pictures, most were taken with friends (including a few Girls’ Generation members) who attended her musical show.

SNSD Seohyun February 2014 Twitter selca

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Sunny, who missed the preview event of her buddy Hyomin’s new movie, visited her in person to send her wishes. The pose is a signature for the film; the T-ara member also send her wishes for Mr.Mr. in return. Click photo for full res (1024×1946).

SNSD Sunny Tara Hyomin selca

Credit: b89530 (Twitter)

Seohyun’s Twitter selca collection in November 2013. The maknae is the latest Girls’ Generation member to join an SNS (on November 4).

SNSD Seohyun Twitter November 2013

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Girls’ Generation maknae updated her Twitter with a slightly grumpy childhood picture.

SNSD Seohyun childhood picture Twitter

Credit: sjhsjh0628

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